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Premier Water Extraction System, plays a vital role by avoiding process water entering into the vacuum pump. The system consists of a receiver fitted with a water separator pump which can operate against vacuum upto 600 mm Hg. The installation of water extraction system is clearly shown in the schematic diagram. When water ring vacuum pump are connected to the system directly, process water is drawn into the vacuum pump. The capacity is reduced due to reduced volume of air pockets. As the inflow of process water is fluctuating the capacity and power rating starts to fluctuate resulting in inconsistency of product quality and abnormal increase of power consumption. Liquid Ring Vacuum Pumps when connected to system through water extraction system gives the following advantages. Keeps the vauum level steady without fluctuation. As the vacuum pump runs only with seal water power rating is mantained low and steady. Since the processed water does not enter inside the pump, corrosion of pump parts is reduced and the vacuum pump life is increased. Material of Construction: Body & Wear Plate: Cast Iron Gr. 25 Suction Casing: Cast Iron Gr. 25 Impeller: Stainless Steel / P.B. Shaft: EN-8 Sleeve: Stainless Steel. Water Extraction Pump Sizes:  It is a mono block type vertically mounted pump specially designed to operate under vacuum upto 600 mm Hg. We have two sizes of these pumps. 1. Model EP3 - 3H.P 2. Model EP5 - 5H.P Note: Please furnish the working parameters of your system such as vacuum level, inflow of process water, air flow of vacuum pump and Ph. rating of back water to suggest suitable pump.
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