p9000 SERIES

Single stage Vacuum Pump capable of handling excess volume flow finding wide applications in the Pulp and Paper Industry.

CAPACITY : 9600 to 19800 M3/hr (5650 CFM to 11650 )
MAX VACUUM : 700 mm Hg (27.5” Hg) at sea level

P9000 can handle excess liquid carryover without any difficulty, even if it arrives as massive slugs
18 vane rotors handle air more efficiently
Ease in maintenance as bearing bracket is externally mounted
No pressure throb
Enhanced capacity can be achieved when handling saturated gas by using inlet spray nozzles provided near the
      suction flanges of the pump.
Equivalent to VOITH* 15E
Standard material of construction is Cast Iron, also available in SS 304 and SS 316

Premier Series

Constructional Features

Body, Heads & Cones are made of close grained heavy duty Cast Iron, Rotor is made of Spheroidal Graphite (SG) Iron free from cavities and blow holes. The Shaft is made of Carbon Steel and carries the one and only moving part, the Rotor which is dynamically balanced for a vibration free running. The Shaft is carried on both the ends by bearings which maintain the close running clearance between working parts throughout the working life of the Pump.
Bearings are grease lubricated before shipment and require no further lubrication for approximately six months.
The pumps can also be supplied with contact parts in solid or cladded SS 304 and SS 316.

* VOITH is a registered trademark of their respective original manufacturing company, none of which have any affiliation with PREMIER PUMPS PRIVATE LIMITED.

Premier Pumps

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